Aesthetic Treatments

Learn about what makes Strella Aesthetics the Philly area’s best kept beauty secret!

Strella is suburban Philadelphia’s premier rejuvenation center. Reverse the visual effects of aging with any of our body-contouring, anti-aging, and beauty enhancement services — performed in our Lower Gwynedd, Pennsylvania office.

For Skin

Is your skin in need of a refresh? We have a wide variety of non-invasive treatments meant to take years off your appearance. Click the button below to learn more.

Skin Treatments
For Hair & Nails

If you have too much (or too little) hair, Strella Aesthetics can provide a much needed correction. Click the button below to see our available treatments.

Hair & Nail Treatments
For The Face

Spent a little too much time out in the sun during your family trips to the Jersey Shore? Strella Aesthetics can help! Click below for info on facial treatments.

Facial Treatments
For Waistlines

When you live in a town known for the cheesesteak, keeping your weight under control is easier said than done! Click below for info on waistline treatments.

Waistline Treatments