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As of August 2017, the adult obesity rate exceeded 30% in Pennsylvania. These stats show a huge upward trend as obesity rates were only 20.3% in the year 2000. In the age group of 45-64, the same data shows the adult obesity rate is above 35%.  There are plenty of opinions as to why the obesity rate for Pennsylvania has increased so substantially, including environment, diet, stress and other factors. Diet has always been a key factor in whether we gain or lose weight. It takes more than counting calories and carbs to understand how diet changes will affect you as an individual. With the hundreds of “fad diets”, coaches, books and videos available, its hard to identify what will have the best results. At Strella, we take the time to understand each patients challenges, medical history, diet and overall health. We then give direction and make changes according to what you need to be successful.

The Solution

Despite the national growth of obesity, Strella has the medical weight loss solution that works! We have taken the time to consult with weight loss experts throughout the US to offer the latest in weight loss and wellness to our patients. Instead of offering a cookie-cutter approach to losing weight and burning fat, we individualize our plans as needed in order to get the desired results. We know that everyone is different and that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight. That is why we offer Fat Burner Shots and complete Weight Loss Programs.

(4) Week Advanced Weight Loss Plan $395

Includes (4) week sublingual Weight Loss drops, 4 B12/Fat Burner injections, weekly weigh-ins, and an individualized diet program.

As included in our weight loss plans, we provide new amazing Fat Burner shots. These injections are very effective in burning fat naturally, increasing metabolism, and boosting energy. These shots also include B12 which has its own list of health benefits, including an increase of red blood cells, energy increase, improving hair nails and skin, and much more. In addition to our weight loss shots, the Fat Burner Shots help you to maximize your weight loss potential in a short amount of time. Results vary.

Fat Burner B12 Injections. $25 each.

Strella now offers that latest in fat burning shot therapy for those of us that are real busy. We have teamed up with a custom pharmacy to make a high potency, but yet completely safe injection to speed up the fat burning process. These new shots include Vitamin B12, and combine the benefits of fat burning, energy boosting and metabolism enhancing, all in one. They are best if taken once a week and no appointment is necessary, just walk in! Our patients are raving about the benefits of feeling better, increased energy and noticing that their clothes getting loose after just a couple of weeks. Try our new Fat Burner B12 Shot and give your health a boost today!