The 411 on Eyelash Extensions

If you’re like most women, mascara is a key item in your makeup bag. Some 65% of us whisk it on our lashes in hopes of making them look longer and fuller. But do you ever wish your lashes were just longer and fuller to begin with?

Your wish might be granted: eyelash extensions are a growing trend at spas, salons and aesthetic centers across the country. Extensions look beautiful and are long lasting when they’re done right and completely eliminate all need for mascara.

Lash B and A

So what are eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions are individual lashes, made of a synthetic fiber such as nylon, which a professional glues one by one to each of your top lashes. It is one of the hardest beauty procedures for a professional (esthetician or cosmetologist) to learn – almost like microsurgery. The professional then uses long, pointed tweezers, and brushes a single synthetic lash in a dab of adhesive. With another pair of tweezers, she separates the natural lashes to isolate just one. She places the synthetic lash on the natural lash, holding it for a few seconds while the glue bonds. The tech repeats the process, one lash at a time, attaching 40 to 100 lashes per eye. The tech will use several lengths of lashes, attaching the longest artificial lashes to your longest natural lashes.

extentions-with-arrows-how to

Eyelash extensions last a few weeks to over a month and fall out when your natural lashes do. You should still have roughly 50% of the extensions remaining after 3 weeks then all you need is a little touch-up on the regrowth. But beware, once you have your first set you will be hooked!

~ Contributed by Heather Hadfield, Strella Aesthetics