Botox: More Amazing Uses Than You Thought!

Chances are you have heard about Botox as a cosmetic treatment that can reduce the sign of aging and wrinkles. You might be surprised to learn that Botox has plenty of other uses beyond eliminating facial wrinkles. Could one of these other Botox treatments be a promising option for you?

Botox can fix a gummy smile

Botox may be able to fix a smile that shows too much of the upper gum. This is usually caused by the upper lip rising too far above the teeth during a grin. With Botox injections, the upper lip’s muscles are weakened to prevent them from lifting up so much. The result? A more delicate smile! The procedure is quick and can last for up to six months.

Botox can prevent excessive sweating

Botox has been approved by the FDA to prevent severe sweating from the underarms, feet, and hands. The doctor or nurse injector injects Botox with a fine needle in to the sweat glands which result in lessened sweat production. This procedure can last up to seven months.

Botox can treat migraine headaches

Migraines can be prevented with regular Botox treatments 12 weeks apart. The injections take just 15 minutes to administer, but Botox could prevent up to nine headaches each day. While it may not work for every patient, it may be worth your while to try at least two sessions to see how it works for you.

If you have any of the above, Botox could be the answer! If you have questions about additional Botox treatments Botox and the benefits they may provide you contact us to learn more and to schedule your complimentary consultation.