When You Regret The Ink

Tattoos are definitely a trendy fashion statement and there is certainly no shortage of celebrities sporting inspirational and artistic ink. But some should have just said “no” to the ink and stepped away from the needle. Even if their tattoo was well thought out, many may very well be wishing for complete tattoo removal now.


Hayden Panettiere: Instead of getting the old Italian proverb “vivere senza rimpianti” (live without regrets), Hayden was unfortunate enough to have a linguistically challenged tattoo artist who misspelled the last word. What Hayden’s message actually says (roughly translated), is “live without rimpianti”. Whatever that means . . . .


Johnny Depp: Johnny tried to transformed one of his “regret” tattoos to a new tattoo that is just plain sad. After his breakup with Winona Ryder he tried to change his tattoo that read, “Winona Forever” changed to read, “Wino Forever”. Like we said, just sad.


Harry Styles: Harry gives a whole new twist on the urban legend of the ghoulish and illusive Mothman by having an enormous moth tattooed on his chest. Although some try to give his tattoo more credibility by calling it a “butterfly”. Either way, moth or butterfly, it’s still a tattoo that qualifies for the regret category.


Eva Longoria: Poor Eva, she got not just one but THREE tattoos honoring her ex-husband Tony Parker. Even though her divorce was fast, her divorce from her tattoos took a little longer. Let’s hope if she gets another tattoo in the future she honors the cardinal rule of never tattooing an ex’s name.


Marc Jacobs: No matter how sexy a guy may be as he emerges from the surf in his speedo, water dripping from his six-pack abs, tattoos of Spongebob Squarepants and M&M candies are certain to entice a giggle or comment from anyone!


50 Cent: In the early 2000s, rapper 50 Cent was known for the tattoos that pretty much covered his entire body. After deciding to get into acting, he ended up ditching the tattoos to save some times since it took so long for the makeup artists to cover them when he was shooting a film.

If you find yourself in the regret category with a tattoo of your own, please contact us. You can consult with our expert laser tattoo removal specialists for an approach that can lighten your tattoo or to have it completely removed.